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Welcome to StrayDog BoatWorks
(formerly nisboats).

Robert AyliffeStrayDog BoatWorks IS Robert Ayliffe, Friends and Associates.

We bring a quarter of a century of experience with many hundreds of clients to your choice of Plans, Products and Projects.

Drawing on that experience can provide help, should you want it, with choosing the design, build and especially fit out of your boat to best suit your dreams.

We can advise on equipment choice, and source spars and sails and help source or make unusual custom bits.

We can often arrange professional building of your boat to any stage, and making of components such as centre boards and rudder assemblies, should you require that.

We can advise on restoration projects.

We can help you sell your boat and we can help organise insured shipping of it to any place in the world.

We prefer to use Boat Craft Pacific Products (over thirty years of development in Australia and the Pacific.) including the Bote Cote Epoxy Range of coatings, adhesives and modifiers. We also use and recommend the Australian developed water based Aqua Cote water based polyurethane painting system.

Especially, we try to put you in touch with fellow builders in your area, so you can share your triumphs (and occasional setbacks...!!) along the way, directly and through our forums.

StrayDog BoatWorks

Bruce Kirby's Norwalk Islands Sharpies range of plans and kits for his legendary ply wood epoxy composite Norwalk Islands Sharpies world wide.

Iain Oughtred's exquisite clinker plywood range of plans and kits in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Coastal Rowing Project: We all have dreams of things we would like to achieve; how rare and sweet it is to live the dream!
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Kids Model Boat Building: Some days I think 30 years of involvement with small boats really has been a waste of life.
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Selling Your Boat on the Straydog Site

We’ve had years of pleasure (mostly) successfully selling many wooden and other boats.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find good homes for your boat, at sensible prices.

We also try to find good homes for boat related gear, such as trailers, dynastart units, outboard motors, fittings and equipment, construction materials, tools etc. 




Latest News

The New catalog!  It’s here!
Several new designs and revised commentary on older favourites from Iain, in this latest catalog, available from BoatCraft Pacific and Boat Books stores around Australia and NZ.
82 large format pages, with drawings and text.
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