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These material prices are currently under review.
Please check back later.

Bote-Cote Epoxy Kits

Good Stocks of the following are held in SA at Binks Yacht Fittings at Byre Avenue Somerton Park, Captain Sturt Chandlery on Liverpool Rd in Goolwa  and all are held at StrayDog Boat Works (Contact us prior to visiting) in Mount Barker.  More products available thru each each store, on order, call first to check delivery and freight pricing.
All Glue and Paint Products Free delivery ex Stray Dog in Adelaide Metro area, free delivery to many country areas, call us to confirm. Interstate see local
agents or POA.
For SA:  All Standard Hardener with
NY option for full time clear finish exposure.
Bote Cote is the pioneering Australian owned and developed, premium extreme low toxicity  2:1 epoxy resin system that professional and amateur Boat Builders and repairers  in Australia trust.
Hermetically seals many materials against liquid and vapour  but especially wood and plywood of all species.  Used for wetting out fibre glass and carbon *fibre tapes, and is the strongest wetting agent for stitch and tape and strip plank fibre glass wetting out.  Bote Cote is now VERY clear, with excellent hanging properties on vertical and overhead surfaces. 
Mixed with the Hi Strength fillers its a very durable, powerful gap filling glue, great fillet joins, (like liquid welds) and mixed with light weight filler makes brilliant fairing material for smoothing surfaces
prior to painting.
The finished Bote Cote Epoxy surfaces, including where the Bote Cote has been mixed with the powders is a perfect base surface for the Australian developed and proven water based Aquacote paints, or extreme long life, very tough Cop R Bote Antifoul.  NO OTHER UNDERCOATS ARE NEEDED!
Coloured pigment paste may be ordered for
Bote Cote Epoxy resin.

Aquacote Top Coat Paint
Aquacote water based two pack marine paints.
Our pride and joy! Aquacote polyurethane two pack out performs just about any other paint system in use on pleasure boats. 
See the Cruising Helmsman tests, May 2009
The top coat is a water based mid gloss two pack which is extremely scratch resistant and provided the directions are carefully followed can give years of life before needing to be recoated. It comes in clear and a range of colours. Aquacote polyurethane paints are right at the top end of the performance spectrum, but because they use water instead of nasty solvents for their carrier they come without the unpleasant side effects.

Click here to see the colour chart >>>
Please note that the colours you see on your computer will be different to the actual paint colours. This is because every computer monitor presents the colours a little differently. There-fore please just regard this as a guide to the available colours.
Pour On Gloss
Bote Cote Pour on Gloss is designed for decorative, gap and crack filling, clear coating of table tops, hewn found timber, gearstick knobs and other clear surface coating.


Cop R Bote Antifoul (non polluting)
Not to be used on alloy boats.
Unaffected by being out of the water
A truly back to the future product. The early seafarers discovered that copper was an ideal coating for the bottoms of their ships to beat the teredo worms and the seaweed and barnacle which so slowed them down or destroyed their ships. Their only way to apply it was to nail thin copper plates all over the bottom of their wooden ships.
Now we have a much better way, Cop-R-Bote. Ultra fine copper powder mixed into an epoxy resin. You paint the copper onto the bottom of your boat. It will last for years and years. Sadly, like every other antifouling system, it is not a magic bullet. It is less active than some of the ablative antifoul paints. As a result, the bacterial slime will start to lodge on the coating. This needs to be wiped off with a scotch brite pad now and then, or it will shield the copper which will allow the animals (barnacles and mussels etc.) to get started and the vegetative stuff (weed) to hang on. How often, well it depends on the water temperature and the nutrient in the water and the degree to which the bugs have gotten used to being poisoned by heavy metals. Mostly only every couple of months, but in North Queensland, perhaps a bit more often.
We only use the ‘Natural' IE Copper colour here; if properly prepared any underlying colour will be masked by green verdigris in time.
E Glue
If like us you dont want to mix the Hi Strength Filler Powders and the Bote Cote Resin to make your Bote Cote Glue and Filleting Paste, you can use EGlue.  It’s a low toxicity, hi viscosity for both gluing and filleting one to one mix, , the same in every way as the HS Filler Powder/ Bote Cote combo, but without the powder dust in the air.
We use it in our workshop every day for nearly all of our initial coating and as the perfect base/primer for Aquacote Paint.  We no longer use the Bote Cote/ Bote Cote Powders, (except Light Weight Sanding Filler Powder) because the Bote Cote Eglue is safer and easier to mix and use.
Saves time, avoids  dust, guarantees low slump viscosity, easy to use, cleans up brilliantly!
EGlue Colour is 'Neutral Bland'.  Cured, sanded surface is Aquacote paint ready.
EGlue may also be ordered pre pigmented Mahogany and Pine, or you may use our pigment pastes
Light Weight Sanding Filler Powder
A single pack, fully water proof, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive. Purbond is an extremely economical polyurethane glue. Purbond glues almost any thing to almost anything. We have glued up samples of several hundred Australian timber species with Purbond, including the difficult ones like Huon Pine, Jarrah and Beech.
Price includes Post & Pack for Australia
Okoume Marine BS 1088 Lloyds Cert  
2500x1220mm Sheet  
Okoume Core Sapelli Face  
2500x1220mm Sheet  

Pacific Maple Marine BS1088  
2440x1220mm Sheet  

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